Discover the Medicine and Spirit of Plant Smoke


Did You Know That Incense Is the Foundation of Aromatherapy and an Integral Part of Medical and Spiritual Traditions Around the World?

Think about a tree planted on rocky ground…

Sure the tree will grow, but it won’t fully flourish, and its roots will remain shallow.

For a tree to thrive, it needs a solid foundation and deep roots in healthy soil.

It’s the same with practicing aromatic medicine. For it to fully flourish, you have to understand the art of incense.

The aromatic healing arts are rooted in the practice of incense, but modern aromatherapy seems to have forgotten its ancient foundation.

Not only has incense been the #1 remedy for nearly all respiratory complaints for ages, it’s also the most universal tool for keeping airborne viruses at bay, increasing immunity, balancing the nervous system, and healing the mind, emotions, and spirit.


Learn from the Plants Themselves

Learning about the healing properties of aromatic plants from books or other people is great...

but learning about plants from the plants is how you really start receiving wisdom of greater value.

You need first-hand experience to truly understand the multifaceted world of aromatic medicine.

And once you learn the ancient skills behind listening to incense you’ll uncover the wisdom of full-spectrum healing with aromatic plants while unlocking and strengthening your spiritual connection to them.

Imagine knowing how to integrate the ancient traditions of aromatics into the modern world in a way that facilitates greater healing and spiritual well-being for yourself, your family, and your community.


Incense Smoke Is a Golden Thread...

...that weaves all spiritual practices of the Earth together.
It's present in nearly every ritual and ceremony.
It acts as a gateway to spiritual transformation and evolution of consciousness when you open yourself more fully to its healing power and teachings.

People have known for thousands of years that aromatic plants hold wisdom and spiritual insight. In fact, there are ancient practices that can help you experience incense and aroma in these sacred ways. 

Knowing these methods will greatly benefit your aromatic practice whether you're a beginner or advanced.

They provide an ancient lens of perception that brings rootedness and strength to the spiritual and practical foundations of your work.


The Northwest School of Aromatic Medicine Presents

The Listening to Incense Home Study Course


Whether you're an aromatherapist, healer, incense crafter, or just love incense and aromatics, learn how to reach greater levels of healing, wisdom, and spiritual development through age-old traditions of aromatic medicine.

Learn to tap into the full-spectrum benefits of aromatic plants to achieve more effective and precise healing. Strengthen your relationships to the plant kingdom and Spirit through the rich personal experiences and deep insights you'll receive from the Listening to Incense course.

Through this program you'll understand why the art of incense has been such a credible, efficient, and well-respected ritual tool and healing modality for ages. And why incense is the foundation of aromatherapy.

This program combines the aromatic wisdom of the past with the growing knowledge of the present to help you establish a more effective practice rooted in centuries of wisdom.

Discover the Deeper Side of Aroma

By learning how to build stronger relationships to plants and incense through intimate rituals and meditations with them, you’ll uncover aspects of aromatics you can’t learn about in books. This is the path toward becoming more receptive and in tune with the emotional, psychological, and spiritual healing benefits of aromatic plants.

Through this more sacred approach to learning, you'll reach greater levels of healing and transformation for yourself and others. A more well-rounded holistic perspective will come into view, helping to feed your confidence and competence within your practice.

Here's What You'll Learn

Deepen Your Relationship with Plants & Incense

Learn refined techniques for connecting more fully with aromatic plants. Be guided through the qualities and virtues of incense first-hand, and gain more confidence and credibility in your knowledge and wisdom of aromatic medicine.

Ritual Aspects of Incense and Aromatic Plants

Follow in the footsteps of ancient traditions by incorporating ritual aspects into your work with aromatic plants and incense. Learn how to create sacred space and an incense altar to support the spiritual side of your practice while nourishing your own spirit.

Become More Fluent in the Language of Scent

Learn how to decode the vast information within a plant's aroma, and ways to discover its many virtues, healing uses, and teachings through your own personal experiences. 

Olfactory Techniques to Fine-Tune Your Sense of Smell

Expand and define your olfactory sensitivity. Learn to tap into the subtleties of aroma associated with incense and tune in more deeply to the nuances of feelings and sensations triggered by aroma.

How to Make Your Own Incense

Learn how to make your own incense cones at home for personal enjoyment, spiritual or ritual use, or therapeutics and healing. Incorporate valuable systems of incense formulation based on time-honored methods.

Strengthen Your Intuitive Connection With Plants

Learn intuition-developing practices so you're guided toward the most effective plants and aromas for your needs. Become more receptive to subtle sensations associated with aromatic plant use by learning how to develop your heart-based perception.

Ayurvedic Knowledge of Aromatics and Healing

Explore the aromatic philosophies of the 10,000-year-old Ayurvedic tradition of healing. Gain powerful insights into a deeply rooted energetic and elemental system of traditional aromatic medicine, with plant and aroma classification.

Full-Spectrum Benefits of Aromatic Medicine

Experience the full potential of aromatic plants through their raw form as incense. Get to know the wholeness of plants so you can better understand how to holistically use their extracts, like essential oils or tinctures, with greater effectiveness and precision.

"Evan has a true gift of bringing together the extraordinary world of incense with aromatic healing and transformation. This program offers both practical information for anyone wanting to immerse into the world of incense, along with a deep spiritual awareness and invitation to honor your life and connect with the divine world of plants. The program is professional and personal, in-depth and accessible. Evan is a magnificent teacher and his sincerity and beauty shines throughout. I highly recommend it!"

- Andrea Butje, Founder of Aromahead Institute

Here's What You Get

  • 9 modules of teachings for deeply understanding and connecting to aromatic plants and the spiritual, healing, and medicinal virtues of incense
  • 7 physical course materials + FREE shipping in the US—see the full list of incense materials below.
  • 9 weekly audio lessons, PDF handouts, and plant monographs for each incense herb and resin in your course materials
  • Work at your own pace. There's no course expiration or deadlines
  • And, lifetime access to ALL digital content + updates/additions

Your Course Materials

With your course materials, you’ll experience aromatherapeutic incense blends and tree resins from Higher Mind Incense and learn their traditional healing uses through guided incense burning session at home.

You'll receive:

  • 1 package of Frankincense 
  • 1 package of Myrrh
  • 1 package of Cedar leaf
  • 1 package of Mayan Copal
  • 1 vial of Aloeswood
  • 1 vial of Indian Sandalwood
  • 1 package of incense charcoal


The incense products you receive through this program alone are valued at over $50!

Plus free shipping within the US! ($25 International shipping charge)


Here's a Quick Look at the Modules:

Please Note: All plants and resins burned as homework are included in your course materials.


Module 1: Aromatic Foundations

  • Learn all about the importance of a sacred altar and create your own incense altar—your "classroom" for the duration of the course.
  • Learn the Japanese history of "Listening to Incense" & their Koh-do incense ceremony, and what we can learn from their reverence of aroma.

  • Explore the inner workings of the heart/mind connection & how it relates to working with plants.

Module 2: Plant Communication

  • A deep exploration into the intelligence and spiritual nature of plants.
  • Learn the many ways plants communicate with us and how to decode the living languages of nature and scent.
  • A guide to the many different smokeless burning methods of the incense connoisseur that will enhance your experiences of it greatly.
  • Open your first incense course materials, Cedar, and experience incense in a very different way using the practices given in this module. 

Module 3: Bio-Regional Aromatic Medicine

  • Learn all about bio-regional aromatic medicine and how to connect with your local plants, and discover your role in your ecosystem.
  • Download the Wild-Harvest Guidebook to help you know the key principles of harvesting your own wild plants.
  • Discover principles and practices of ancient cultures to connect with plants more deeply.
  • Learn about the many stories of incense from around the world, including its widespread use as medicine.

Module 4: Tree Resins & Gums

  • This module is all about ritual and prayer. Learn about clearing energies with incense, and why countless traditions use prayer alongside burning incense.
  • Understand the important distinction between plant gums and resins, and how to use them in incense for medicine, enjoyment, or ritual.
  • Continue to the next level of heart connection and learn techniques for strengthening your intuition when working with aromatics.
  • Explore the burning of Mayan Copal resin using the teachings and guidance of this module.

Module 5: The Sacred Sense of Smell

  • An exploration of the sacred sense of smell and how plants effect our psyche, emotions, physical health, and spirit through their aromas. 
  • How the ancients used aromatic plants to achieve sacred insights and higher wisdom, and which plants they used for this. 
  • A guide on green-being encounters of the spiritual nature, and deepening your connection to plants through sacred ritual.

Module 6: The Elements of Incense

  • Discover the invaluable system of the 4 sacred Elements and how it pertains to healing, beginning with Earth and Water. 
  • An introduction to the 10,000-year-old Indian healing system of Ayurveda. 
  • Discover your personal constitution through Ayurveda to know which plants and aromas are the best fit for your body and mind.
  • Experience Myrrh resin in an entirely new way in this module's homework.

Module 7: Ayurvedic Aromatic Medicine

  • Learn how Ayurvedic practitioners view aromatic plants and use incense for healing countless common ailments and imbalances, both physical and spiritual.
  • Part II of the Elements and incense, working with the Fire and Air elements.
  • Learn the art of ritual purification and the many plants used around the world for smudging.
  • Explore the renowned Frankincense resin and its powerful effects, unveiled through meditational practices at your incense altar.

Module 8: Incense Crafting Foundations

  • An introduction to incense crafting teaches you how to make your own natural incense cones at home, step-by-step.
  • Discover the age-old method of Fragrance Notes and how it's used to create amazing-smelling incense and aromatic concoctions.
  • An important discussion on sustainability of aromatic plants, incense, and essential oils, and how to navigate to pure, natural, and fair-trade botanicals products.
  • Work with the renowned Sandalwood using what you've learned so far for an eye-opening experience.

Module 9: Listening to Incense

  • An examination of the highly in-depth Japanese Koh-do incense practice offers ways to incorporate honoring and a sense of sacredness into your aromatic work.

  • Discover the art of Fragrance Testing and learn how to read the body to find the most effective aromatic remedies.
  • Program Integration: gain insights and guidance on moving forward and integrating everything you've learned into your personal or professional practice.
  • Burn one of the most important incense materials in the world: Aloeswood, the single tree that gave rise to many fragrant traditions around the world.

- This Is the Only Course of Its Kind -

There are no other schools that teach about incense and aromatic plants in these ways. This completely unique, in-depth, comprehensive program is full of rare knowledge and wisdom that simply isn't compiled in any other place.

I've been studying incense, traditional aromatherapy, and holistic plant medicine for 10+ years.

All the wisdom I've gathered along my path as a student of incense and founder of America's #1 incense company, Higher Mind Incense, is right here for you in one priceless program.


This course is for you if you're ready to:

  • Answer the calling to take your connection to incense and aromatic plants to the next level
  • Find greater meaning in your beginning or advanced plant practice
  • Be open to personal transformation in the process


The World Needs You! Now Is the Time to Advance Your Practice with Incense & Aromatics


If you're ready to bring greater healing, positive change, and joy to your family and community, step into a profound transformational journey with incense and aroma today…


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You Have My Personal Guarantee!

Enroll in the program today and you'll have 30 days to decide if the program is right for you. If it's not, simply send me an email within 30 days of enrollment and I'll give you a complete refund.

Plus, Get a Certificate for the Program

Upon completion of the course you'll get a certificate of completion!

And... if you're enrolled in a continuing education program, you can submit this certificate to apply for 15 Continuing Education Credits (CEUs).

Here's What Students Are Saying

"This was a beautiful course. Unlike any other course I've taken dealing with aromatics. It covered history, medicinal benefits, and spiritual alignment with the plants. Then connected all of these in a great meditation. Having a connection to nature is often times what draws us to alternative therapies, but just as often our search for knowledge becomes clinical and takes us away from the magic of nature. This course is a great reminder that the two belong together."

-Pilar Ellendorf

"This course came at the perfect time on my spiritual, healing journey. I'm currently deepening my connection with my heart and that is exactly where Evan’s teachings have invited me to experience on a deeper sensory level. This course touches your heart and leads you on a journey of deepening your intuition. Whether you're wanting to expand your knowledge of the healing properties of plants, deepen your connection to your heart and intuition, or want to add more tools to your self healing toolbox, this course is a must for an incredibly expansive journey."

- LeAnn Rimes

“As an herbalist and TCM practitioner I’m amazed at the integrity, professionalism, spirit and passion Evan brings to aromatic medicine. He has reignited in me a passion for the plants that I was worried I was losing touch with. He teaches in the way my heart wants to learn, but also in a way my rational mind appreciates. This program has truly been one of the greatest blessings I have received on my personal journey toward wholeness. I am referring people left and right to this program, and loved it so much that I purchased it for a friend as a surprise gift. Thank you for sharing your gift with the world.”

- Megan C. Lindsey L.Ac., Dipl.O.M.
Silver Sage Acupuncture

"The Listening to Incense course has been an incredible journey! I had always loved working with incense, but never really knew the depth that I could go with my practice. The information gained from this experience is truly life changing and has given me a whole new lens of perception and way of connecting with my incense. I am extremely grateful for the opportunity and all the heartfelt work that was put into creating this program. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to take their prayer with incense to a whole new level! "

-Megan Walsch, Chicago, IL

"I knew that burning incense was a sacred time-honored tradition, but not until I took Evan's Listening to Incense home study course did I begin to feel connected at a deeper level.  This class gave me a deeper meaning, connection, and understanding of the sacredness of incense.  It taught me how to connect with the plant's energies on a more meaningful level.  I am so grateful the universe brought Evan and his Listening to Incense class into my awareness.  His deep love and passion for the sacredness of incense shows in his knowledge and teachings.  I highly recommend this course if you are yearning for a deeper connection with aromatic plants and the sacredness of incense."

-Dodie Needham, Chehalis, WA

"Evan's Listening to Incense course was so much more than I could have expected. First of all, thank you for making it affordable. Who knew there could be so much information about incense. Not only was the course enlightening, excitingly well written, and relevant; it allowed me to create personal conclusions and allowed for a free-thinking and meditative space that I couldn't do with just meditation alone. His incense is delightfully fragrant and pleasing which made doing the 'homework' enticing and fun."

-Jen Davis, Seattle, WA

"This course is well paced and helps you to really understand what it is to meditate and use incense in your practice. It also helps you appreciate what comes from the Earth. The supplies you receive with the course that help you along your journey are very generous, and enable you to get a sense of what really works best for you. I highly recommend this course!"

-Synde Rogers

"If you're considering taking this course, I highly recommend Evan's teachings.  Through his own personal love and regular practice with incense he is able to share a deep history combined with a heart opening exploration into spirit of self, and spirit of plants with you. Any level of students would benefit greatly from this course!"

-Sabrina Grotefend

"This course has given me a deeper appreciation of plants and enhanced my understanding of essential oils. I've felt much more grounded since practicing the art of listening to incense.  The modules are practical and easy to understand. This has been both a fun and informative course and I'm so grateful I decided to take enroll." 

- Kathy Kelly

"I thoroughly enjoyed the Listening to Incense course. I appreciated being introduced to new plant resins and scents each week; all which were included in the overall costs of the course.  I loved the work at your own pace aspect. I never felt rushed. Evan does a great job throughout and his printed materials are attractive and educational.  I highly recommend this course to anyone interested in learning more about plant resins and the healing role of aromatic scents." 

- John Berg

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